JDSundberg Photography

  How It Started

Justin had always tried capturing photographs using his point-and-shoot camera. He was encouraged by family and friends, exclaiming that he "has a natural eye for photography"
After losing his job like millions of other Americans, Justin decided to go on a shopping spree and bought a new Nikkon camera. He began to submerse himself in photography. Mostly self-taught by books, Justin continued living on a tight budget. Somehow, he found ways to occasionally splurge on more and more camera equipment.

After developing his own style and technique, Justin took a five-week long class with an experienced mentor who helped him fine-tune his technical skills and technique.


After much experience shooting as a hobby, it is time to take the next step - offering services to others.


Photography potentials:  Senior portraits
 Graduation parties
 New houses or landscapings
 New cars
 Families or other loved ones for a Christmas card or portrait
 Corporate events, with or without a speaker
    Because sometimes you want more than snapshots

Anyone can take a snapshot. Those things cherished most should have a professional photograph taken to artfully capture the beauty of those cherished things. To hire Justin Sundberg for a photography job, please email photo@jdsundberg.com
Because Justin's other job has a flexible schedule, he is flexible in his photography session arrangements. Just shoot an email.

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